Philippe Rahm architectes

Paris, France


Thermodynamic Tectonic: The Emissivity Clothing

Philippe Rahm’s Thermodynamic Tectonic: The Emissivity Clothing presents two tapestries of color-saturated material that are optimized to emit heat and cold. The red field has the color properties of warmth and high emissivity, while the purple field retains cool. For Rahm, the objects and people in a room play a relational role in the regulation of climate. He suggests that we might consider the way that materials perform as well as whether they absorb or reflect light, heat, and color as a principle criteria for design.


Philippe Rahm is a Swiss architect, principal in the office of Philippe Rahm architectes, based in Paris, France. His work, which extends the field of architecture from the physiological to the meteorological, has received an international audience in the context of sustainability. He starts to teach architecture design at the GSD, Harvard University, USA, in Fall 2014. In 2002, Mr. Rahm was chosen to represent Switzerland at the 8th Architecture Biennale in Venice, and was one of the 25 Manifesto's Architects of Aaron Betsky's 2008 Architectural Venice Biennale. He is nominee in 2009 for the Ordos Prize in China and in 2010 and 2008 for the International Chernikov Prize in Moscow where he was ranked in the top ten.

Biennial Project: Philippe Rahm architectes, Thermodynamic Tectonic: The Emissivity Clothing, 2017. Photo courtesy of Chicago Architecture Biennial / Tom Harris