A conversation with T+E+A+M, the studio deconstructing the big-box store as a post-industrial community space
At CAB, Chinese firms look to tradition to write a new chapter in their nation's architectural history
Collage and Bricolage: Point Supreme pieces together a new Greek architecture from fragments of the past
At the Farnsworth House, Gerard & Kelly's choreography makes space for queer lives within the modern home
Political pavilions: Dellekamp Arquitectos’ “Wallderful” proposes a gathering space for the U.S. - Mexico border
Society of Architectural Historians to Honor 2017 Biennial Artistic Directors Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee
Johnston and Lee will also speak on the global legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright this Thursday with SAH President Ken Tadashi Oshima.
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Scaled to Fit: BLESS and the Architecture of Fashion
Interdisciplinary design studio BLESS earned a cult following by merging fashion, architecture, and art. ‘N°60 Lobby Conquerors’ puts the Biennial in the center of a broader moment of cross-pollination between those fields.
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Archive of Affinities: an Internet Home for Weird, Wonderful, and Forgotten Architecture
Biennial participant Andrew Kovacs goes into detail on his long-running online visual research practice, which bridges architecture jargon and popular culture.
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Director’s Note: Learning from the Chicago Architecture Biennial
Executive Director Todd Palmer reflects on what he's learned from the second edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial.
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Exhibiting Visionary Histories: a Conversation with the curators of "Past Forward" at the Art Institute of Chicago
Talking with the Zoë Ryan, Alison Fisher, and Maite Borjabad López-Pastor, the Art Institute's architecture and design curators, about exhibiting architecture past and present.
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